bleyzer story


The brand Bleyzer is a product of imagination of two young women who were dating the same man although they were not aware of it. When the cheating was revealed, the young woman who lived alone, offered to the young woman, who lived with the double-faced bastard to move to her place and become roommate, what she accepted. (continue reading)

During their first night, which they spent under the same roof, putting together the pieces of their torn life stories, they decided to tear all the clothes which the mentioned jerk had bought them. Meanwhile, having discovered that among the clothes there were a lot of similar or completely same dresses, T-shirts or ‘sweet’, sluttish shorts.

One blazer especially attracted their attention, which was the most favourite present to both of the girls they got from their fantastically careful man.

At the moment of anger and truly despair, the girls finally tore their blazers, and then long and sadly looked at the pile of rags on the floor which was nothing but the allegory of their love grotesque.

And then the magic fairy appeared… in the form of the third bottle of Chardonnay, that, when was let out from the bottle, gave them almost insane idea.
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They took out an old sewing machine and started to match the rags piece by piece as they liked. It was not important what belonged to what at all… actually the only imperative, they gave themselves, was that nothing had to be the same as it had been before.

This is how the first blazer was made… actually the first two blazers… two marvelous witnesses of their joint pain, now turned into something that represented the symbol of their victory… the victory of imagination, the victory of vivacious glance, the victory of the faith in themselves and the one that brings a new beginning.

The next morning, when they woke up, they looked at their blazer again… they looked at each other and decided that they will never stop wishing and dreaming.

This is how the was made.. . and the girls lived happily ever after, getting younger with their work and bringing joy to the other women’s wardrobes,… sending the message:

Keep your eyes open,

remember your dreams,

… and never, never stop wishing!