about bleyzer

The Bleyzer brand was born with its first draft in 2011. Since that moment we have created our story. We invest in it our sparkling energy and fresh ideas so that every piece on our shelves could be commended by its specificity. The design and structure of Bleyzer bags have captured gradually and obediently, winning new days with their imagination and delight.
It is inspired by leather – unsurpassed, strong, natural and reliable. The leather of confidence. Desirable and fragrant  With the status. It only likes natural materials. Because it loves women with refined taste. It gives it to them. The style and practicality. The uniqueness.
It does not stop dreaming. It adds colours and wood, metal and clear nature. It does not play with nature. Just with the inspiration. Everyday it spreads sun over the styles. And it tailors a clear message:
Keep your eyes open,
remember your dreams,
… and never, never stop wishing!